Rio Grande to Woody Creek Tavern


This is our most popular tour. The trail is a smooth double track trail that is a reclaimed railroad line that follows the scenic Roaring Fork River. The trail is a gradual descent, so gradual that it rides more flat then anything. The trail ends at the world renowned Woody Creek Tavern. Here riders will enjoy après drinks and food in a setting that could only be described as Hunter S Thompson's most frequented bar. It's a local's favorite! Don't worry about having too much fun here--a shuttle awaits for a ride back to town.


Duration: Half Day

Skill Level: Easy

Minimum # 3

Costs: Adult: $140 Children: $95

*Includes KHS Comfort Bike, Helmet, and Shuttle 


East of Aspen Trail


This ride is perfect for families and individuals looking to explore Aspen's unique surroundings. The ride starts in the heart of Aspen's core and heads out on a paved bike path towards the scenic Northstar Nature Preserve. Here the trail becomes a smooth unpaved double track that runs along the undeveloped upper Roaring Fork River. Your guide will explain the historical significance and natural history of this beautiful area. After a 3-mile ride to the end of the trail, enjoy a gourmet snack with incredible views where we turn around and head back to Aspen. This is Aspen's easiest and most scenic trail.

Duration: 2 Hours

Skill Level: Easy

Minimum # 3

Cost: Adult: $95 Children: $75

*Includes KHS Comfort Bike, Helmet, Snacks, and Rain Jacket (if needed)

SKY Mountain PARK

Aspen's newest and smoothest single track. This exhilarating ride can start from multiple points depending on your prefrences. Starting with a climb on single track to the top of the Sky Mountain Park Ridge. From there, enjoy our gourmet snacks overlooking Aspen/Snowmass and its 360 degree views. The trail continues on the ridge and rollercoasters its way towards Aspen. Eventually you reach the recently finished descent. The descent is buffed and fast! You won't be able to stop smiling as you take the paved bike path back to Aspen.


Duration: 3-4 Hours (including shuttle to the trailhead)

Skill Level: Advance

Minimum # 2

Cost: Adult: $225 Children: Ages 12 and up (depending on experience)

*Includes Premium Full Suspension Mountain Bike, Helmet, Snacks, and Shuttle


                                                                                        Smuggler Mountain Bike Trails



Located in the heart of Aspen, Smuggler Mountain is home to some of the best single track around. To access these trails, you must first climb the gravel road that ascends Smuggler Mountain. This road is a sustained climb at about 10% grade for a length of 1.5 miles. The top of the climb ends at an observation deck that overlooks Aspen and its towering peaks. From here, the fun begins! There are many options from the deck. Depending on how you are feeling, your guide will determine which single track route is best suited for you. Eventually the single track will drop you into Hunter Creek Valley where the views are simply amazing! Take the paved road back to Aspen from here. Smuggler is an absolute classic ride, and not to be missed!

Duration: 2 Hours

Skill Level: Advanced

Minimum # 2

Cost: Adult: $225 Children: Ages 12 and up (depending on experience)

*Includes Premium Full Suspension Mountain Bike, Helmet

Castle Creek Road Ride

Perhaps the most beautiful road in Colorado, Castle Creek has spectacular mountain views and few cars! The ride consists of a moderate 10-mile climb ending at an old mining ghost town. Here, guests have the option of a picnic lunch or gourmet snacks while sitting amongst the historical abandoned mining town. Get back on the bike and enjoy the scenic descent back to Aspen. This is Aspen's most popular road ride, and for a good reason!


Duration: 2-3 Hours

Skill Level: Moderate to Advanced   

Min # 2

Cost: Adult: $150 Children: Ages 12 and up (depending on experience)

Lunch: Additional $18


                                                                                        Descending Castle Creek Road Ride


This tour is the same as the Castle Creek Road Ride, except instead of riding up the road we provide the transportation to the top. This tour is perfect for families/individuals looking to be immersed in Colorado's beauty while enjoying a nice relaxing 15-mile descent back to town. It's physically, technically easy and a very enjoyable for all level of riders.

Duration: 2 Hours

Skill Level: Easier       

Min # 3

Cost: Adult: $120 Children: $75 Ages 12 and up (depending on experience)

*Includes KHS Comfort Bike, Helmet, and shuttle